This is your pathway to improving your health and well-being. There are many questions that you need to answer in the best way you can. They are grouped into six parts, and each 'Part' is grouped in a way to allow for close analysis. Some questions appear to be repeats but there is a purpose for doing this. Please work your way through them all. Each of the six 'Parts' allows for you to return each single Part to me and I will keep them secure in your personal file. This is so that you can take your time completing the questionnaire in its entirety.

It is a lot to ask but they do need to be answered in order that we can start to make these improvements and to ultimately make you better. Some are very personal relating to your own body, but I can assure you that these matters are not shared beyond you and myself.  I and I alone will analyse these responses.

I will not be able to commence my analysis until all six Parts of the questionnaire have been received by myself. Please will you also make your payment following the route shown in Part 6. I look forward to working with you.   Dr.Carol