Robin, Ilkley West Yorkshire, UK

Two years ago, my wife and I traveled on a holiday abroad, and while there I developed a bad cough. I didn’t think much about it at the time apart from the discomfort. I came home with the cough, and so it went on, and two years later it was still there. It wasn’t like a normal cold/cough. It was deep in my chest and my nose was permanently blocked.

This continued through days and nights. I was working in London three days each week and the travelling and working compounded the effect of this wretched cough. At home my nights were disrupted and both my wife and myself were exhausted.

I had made several visits to the family doctor and a specialist and I was given anti-biotics, anti-histamine, steroids and from the chemist I had cough sweets, cough mixtures, and anything and everything, but this cough went on. Nobody seemed to have an answer. My last doctor's visit, I was told to be prepared to have this for another ten years, before my body’s resistance might conquer it itself.

My father-in-law saw how distraught we were, and told us he had heard of a nutritionist in Florida who focuses on dealing with ‘causes’ rather than creating relief by just dealing with the ‘symptoms’, which seems to be the limits of the medics I have been dealing with.

I found Dr. Carol through the internet and found her web site, and was able to make direct contact. Although we are on different continents with the ‘pond’ between us, she was able to assess my problem as being a pathogen that had developed inside my respiratory tract – effectively living inside me. She likened this to a Herpes virus that emerges when my resistance is low. I was told that a cold sore isn’t really a part of a cold but a virus that emerges when I have a cold. So this cough was perpetual because my low resistance was perpetual because of the cough – a catch 22 !!

Through conversations with Dr. Carol, and following the completion of a very complex and lengthy questionnaire she was able to pin-point my problem, and she compiled a protocol of supplements, timescales linking food and sleep with the taking of these supplements that also included the use of a nebuliser.

We couldn’t believe what happened next. After two days, the cough had stopped and we had our first uninterrupted night in nearly two years. There had been one or two in this period, and therefore we didn’t want to get excited in case this was one of those occurrences. We wondered if it had been just a coincidence. The third night was perfect, and the fourth - we had our answer - and so it went on, with uninterrupted night's sleep and normal days, and we felt that we were starting to get our lives back.

I was in London later that week and I recall a man walking past smoking a pipe and I got a nose full of his smoke. It was a few minutes later that I realised I had smelt the smoke- I had actually recovered my sense of smell, after so long. My nose was so clear it seemed unreal.

After a month, and in the middle of a Yorkshire winter, my wife caught a cold. Two weeks later I found myself sneezing and developed a sore throat. I felt a little scared in case my virus was returning, but somehow this felt different – more like the normal cold I have had like everybody else. Yes, this was not the Pathogen revisiting my body, but nevertheless I was concerned to find out what was going to happen. My cold ran its course and went and now I am free again.

Dr. Carol is brilliant. She kills the cause and not just deals with the symptoms. Of course there are no symptoms, if there isn’t a cause. I continued with the course of Supplements she sent to me. But then I made a mistake which proved to be a costly one. When Dr. Carol sent the treatment through the post from Florida, on arrival in the UK it was held in customs and I had to pay a hefty duty. It wasn’t the duty that was the problem but rather the long delay in getting the parcel to reach me in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

I needed a refill, and found I could get them through the internet over here in the UK. I was warned by Dr. Carol to be careful, and I had a batch delivered, but on further research, I found I had bought Supplements of dubious quality, even though they looked identical. The contents weren’t. I could not afford to gamble with the wrong products so I swallowed my pride and had a batch shipped out from Florida. I have now been free of this pathogen and my associated illness for a year now.

I can’t over-emphasise how much I appreciated the skill and knowledge that the lady from Florida possesses. It has left me with the question, why doesn’t the UK medical system do what Dr. Carol does. If she can cure my illness, then why can’t the doctors ?

I just hope that one day I can get to meet the lady who turned our lives around, and to how it was before we made that fateful holiday abroad, now three years ago. Thank you Dr. Carol.


Lori, Lake Worth, Florida, USA

I feel a little angry. And so sharing my story will help me and hopefully others to do the right thing.

I am 55 years old and have been married for 26 years. For most of my married life I have not felt well. I am convinced my family and friends have just thought I was naturally unsociable, as I have never taken much of a part in conversations, activities and anything that made a call on my energy.

I have been so used to feeling unwell, that I have resigned myself to the fact that this is how it is for me. More recently I have put on weight, and felt even worse. My stomach is perpetually upset, bloating and aching, and often my mind seems to go blank as for moments I have difficulty concentrating on anything. I was later to discover this is referred to as ‘brain fog’.

I have seen the doctor on many occasions, and seen the GI Specialist every two years, for years. I have had cameras passed down into my stomach and other investigations. But the practitioners always said they cannot find anything wrong with me. And I am sent away with a prescription for pills, including anti-acid medication, and a new appointment.

Each year I spend our family’s insurance deduction. We have spent thousands and thousands on medical bills….and yet I went on feeling progressively worse.

I have a friend who knows of Dr. Carol Helerstein, and he suggested I met with her to try to see if anything else was possible, to make me feel any better. I made that contact and had a brief telephone conversation, and she sent me an enormous questionnaire, and asked me to fill it out, but to take my time and be as honest and accurate as I could. I did this and sent it back to her. The following week I received a call from Dr. Carol and she suggested that we met. We did so and had a lengthy conversation.

Dr. Carol knew what was wrong with me, that I had a deeply entrenched case of SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) which I understand to be an internal covering of my small intestine, with a layer of bacteria that was stopping nutrition from being absorbed into my system, starving my body of essential nutrients and particularly my brain. My body was fighting a battle that it was not going to win unless action was taken, and she suggested that by the time I am 70 I could be in a very desperate state.

I was confused. How can this be the case, when I have seen so many experts who couldn’t find anything, and paid them so much of our money, and the insurance company’s. My problem was that it was September when I met with Dr. Carol, and I had already spent the year’s deductible, and she was not on any insurance plans.

I discussed the situation with my husband and we felt we had no choice but to try to find a doctor or nutritionist on our insurance plan so we could take advantage of what would now be procedures covered by insurance, and who could deal with my problem of SIBO. Dr. Carol was very kind and understood our position. We parted company only to find that doctors didn’t know much, if anything about SIBO and how to deal with it. There were no nutritionists who were able to help us. We found one doctor who was able to identify SIBO through a series of tests, but refused to undertake such tests unless we had been on his books for at least a year.

As the New Year was approaching we elected to contact Dr. Carol again, and ‘with cap in hand’ we asked if she would help me. We decided that whatever we spent involving a process set by Dr. Carol, we would offset it by not going to the doctors and giving them money for seemingly nothing.

So this is when my little journey started with Dr. Carol. We had more conversations from which she developed an action plan involving diet and supplements. She was very firm in explaining that I had to follow this protocol strictly otherwise I would be wasting my time, effort and money. The supplements are not cheap, but she was generous with her charges, and we agreed to minimize consultations but for me to call her if I had questions. From time to time she would call me to check on my progress, and I felt that she was taking a very personal interest in me, and I am sure she was.

With the help and support of my husband, I made a start, on the first part of the plan which was to kill and remove from my body, the bacteria that shouldn’t have been in my digestive tract. This was scary. In time I was to facilitate the build up of bacteria that should be there.

We looked at foods that I was allowed to eat and listed all that I was prohibited from eating. Additionally I had a schedule that determined when and how I should take my supplements. Dr. Carol told me exactly what to expect, that at times I may not feel well, and that things will fluctuate, and that in time I will start to emerge and start to feel better. She also warned me that straying would lead to headaches and additional toilet visits.

After the first week, I felt extremely hungry and weak. My husband and children tried to help me by eating the same or similar things but in greater amounts. They didn’t want to share my discomfort but they did try and help !

A month went by and I began to feel that maybe I was turning the corner. The first thing I noticed that my bloating had gone, and I had a feeling I haven’t had for years and I can only describe it as a feeling of ‘freshness’.

Amazingly I started on a course of regular improvements. Occasionally I didn’t feel on top, but these times were not often, and were never as bad as the feelings I had previously. Sometimes I found myself feeling good, and so ate some of what my family were eating, but then I would feel bad, with the headache that Dr. Carol had predicted I would get if I strayed.

As my size and weight began to reduce my work colleagues commented, but it was their other comments that made me feel good. They all said how I seem more involved with them and happier. After a further period I was getting comments that they were amazed how I had changed. At a party I challenged my family to a game of pool and had a good time. I could not remember when I last had a ‘good time’.

After several more weeks, I was able to introduce a wider variety of foods, dropping those that made me feel bad, and keeping with those that did not impact on me.

I no longer feel weak. On the contrary I feel strong and generally happy. I love the comments I am getting. I look younger, fitter and happier.

I know I have some way to go, and must be patient. But the days and many years of feeling so unwell seem to be things of the past.

I believe Dr. Carol has outstanding knowledge. She can identify problems and solutions when Doctors remain mystified. She has transformed my life and everybody around me seems happier. I have enthusiasm, I have fun, I look better. That bloated unhappy and tired lady with spasms of ‘brain fog’ has disappeared from our family life. Thanks so much Dr. Carol.


I just cannot thank you enough. Lori