Why We Need to Supplement our Foods Today!


A really unsettling statistic is that America comes in dead last in ranking with respect to health even though we spend two times more per person than other industrialized countries. These numbers were announced by the World Health Organization's 2010 Healthy Life Expectancy study. It seems that with all our science and technology, degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes are on the rise. From an economic point of view, health care costs could end up bankrupting the country. From a health point of view, life expectancy is dropping and our children and grandchildren may be the first generations who will not outlive their parents' generation.

These statics are alarming. What are we doing wrong? So many lifestyle issues play a role in today's fast moving, stressful world. But, the number one factor is our food supply. Simply put, our food lacks the nutrients needed to properly "feed" the cells of our bodies, where all health begins. Modern food processing, the depletion of our topsoil, excessive use of pesticides and the contamination of our waters compromise our health.

We have no choice but to take high quality nutritional supplements. More and more people have come to embrace a model of health care that includes alternative therapies, prevention and taking responsibility for their own health. It is the goal of this web site to supply our readers with the "tools" they need to attain higher levels of health.

Every supplement on this site is manufactured in a cGMP, Good Manufacturing Practices, facility, whose standards far exceed those of the industry. Comprehensive testing is done on all raw materials before they are assembled into a product. Then, every finished product is again examined for purity and quality. These strict guidelines are followed at every stage of production. Testing is done both in-house and by independent analytical laboratories with every recommended company.

All products in this section of the site are exclusive formulations distributed only through professionals. Many of these cutting edge chemistries have been subject to independent, peer-reviewed, published clinical studies. We recommend products from companies that I have used with my clients throughout the years. These unique and proprietary supplements are "evidence based" and have proven to be clinically safe and effective.

It is my hope that this web site will serve as an ambassador of new thinking and change so that people will have a resource available to them to get the nutritional help.

For a better understanding of the importance of supplements may I suggest that you listen to a portion of a lecture I gave a few years ago that touches on how our modern lives impact on our health. This can be found by pressing the green button below and entitled "Listen to Dr. Carol's Lecture.